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Hydrogen Initiative is a cross-campus effort of the Precourt Institute for Energy.

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Current Research Projects

Listed below are the projects that the Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford Hydrogen Initiative have funded. If you are interested in having access to research materials from a specific group below, please email

Precourt Pioneering Project in Hydrogen

Beyond Carbon Capture: Recycling CO2 to Decarbonize Steelmaking with Hydrogen and Photocatalysis (Felipe Jornada, Leora Dresselhaus-Marais, Jennifer Dionne, Xiaolin Zheng)

Seed Grant projects

Blue hydrogen via methane pyrolysis for carbon nanotubes production and use (Matteo Cargnello, Arun Majumdar, Michael Lepech)

Bridging key knowledge gaps in PEM water electrolysis: Insights into high-performance systems with advanced microscopy and spectroscopy under operating conditions (Thomas F. Jaramillo , Johanna Nelson Weker, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Adam Nielander, Michaela Burke Stevens, Alessandro Gallo)

Viability of Large-scale Hydrogen Storage in Natural Porous Formations (Hamdi Tchelepi, Ilenia Battiato, Kate Maher, Ali Mani, and Tony Kovscek)

Enabling Regenerative Hydrogen Utilization through Ion Insertion in MnO2 Electrocatalysts (Will Chueh, Tyler Mefford, Michal Bajdich)

Clean H2 production via shock-wave reforming of natural gas & NH3 (Ronald Hanson)

Molecular Sieving Membranes for Hydrogen Production and Transportation (Yan Xia)

Other ongoing research

A Multi-criteria Assessment of Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) Alternatives for Transit Agencies (Karina Masalkovaite, Sishir Mohammed)